SeedJura, PLLC - Who are we?

SeedJura, PLLC is a law firm with lawyer(s) who understand how to combine legal services and technology so that certain areas of the legal process can finally be affordable and useful by most people.  SeedJura is a specially designed legal tech-platform provided by SeedJura, PLLC.  SeedJura, PLLC works with a group of passionate lawyers and technology experts in developing the SeedJura platform.  We build each legal product by preparing various applicable legal documents and combine them with appropriate processes and education.  Each legal product is carefully designed by experienced lawyers in the applicable area of law for different basic legal protections and benefits. Our goal is to offer affordable legal products that are applicable to most people’s lives, with licensed lawyers standing behind each legal product. Through SeedJura platform, people can have access to their rights one legal product at a time.  

SeedJura’s mission is to be the seeds of change to legal services so that more people have access to their legal rights through basic, affordable and understandable legal products and services.

SeedJura's Passionate and Devoted Innovators, Product Designers and Advisors


SeedJura platform is offered by SeedJura, PLLC by working with a group of innovators, including attorneys, affiliated and other companies and experts.  Under the leadership of SeedJura, PLLC, the SeedJura innovators worked tirelessly together and contributed their talents and expertise by creatively applying their knowledge from years of experiences in their areas to build our innovative legal services technology platform.       

SeedJura, PLLC (law firm) – SeedJura, PLLC utilizes the technology and processes created by an affiliated technology company and works with internal and external lawyers to build useful legal products (i.e., legal documents and packages). With the assistance of SeedJura Legal Learning LLC, an affiliated legal educational company, SeedJura, PLLC also provides fun and easy to understand educational materials and videos.  This educational approach is designed for people to understand SeedJura’s legal products and processes and how the legal products apply to people’s daily lives and their access to legal rights. By bringing all these together, SeedJura, PLLC is able to offer the SeedJura platform to many people.  SeedJura, PLLC is managed by Phyllis Lauren Shuster, Esq. (learn more about Phyllis below).   

Technology experts – SeedJura Tech LLC, an affiliated technology company of SeedJura, PLLC, created the technology and processes of the SeedJura platform.  SeedJura Tech’s technology experts have over 40 years of experiences in working with FinTech and LegalTech platforms and they understand that technology is not the reason why we created this platform, but it is merely a “tool” that we utilize to achieve the purpose of our platform and the needs of the people. They know how to design a technology framework and processes that can evolve over time with the needs of our legal products and processes. (NOTE: SeedJura Tech, LLC is a technology company and not a law firm and it does not offer this platform or any legal documents directly to the public.  It makes its technology platform available to SeedJura, PLLC and provides support and services to SeedJura, PLLC so that SeedJura, PLLC can offer the platform and legal documents to the public.) 


Lawyers – Many lawyers have devoted their time and efforts for the creation of the SeedJura platform analyzing how legal services have been offered and provided to clients in the past, how legal documents are being drafted and structured, and how to creatively improve the processes so that they can be streamlined and be more efficient.  Some of these lawyer(s) are directly part of SeedJura, PLLC, and some of them have contractual relationships with SeedJura, PLLC.  In addition, these attorneys and many more are part of the legal review team. This team reviews the legal products prepared through SeedJura’s technology process so that all  products are backed by SeedJura, PLLC.                 


Product Designers

For each legal product, we work with licensed attorneys who have extensive experience and knowledge of the applicable state laws and product legal area to design the product. Our product designers determine the legal benefits and protections for each product and the combinations of legal documents along with legal processes and education that would be needed to achieve such legal benefits and protections.  Both product designers and SeedJura, PLLC will stand behind the legal product(s) that they designed and supervised.     

Our Advisors

Our advisors are people from different regions, backgrounds and ages.  We understand that if we want to help the people to access their rights, we must value the voice of the people. Therefore, we go to the people to ask for their input and opinions about our legal products and platform and ultimately their needs in accessing legal services and products. 

We also seek advice from experts and businesses in other industries and of course, from other lawyers. Our hope is to bring many legal resources and networks together and design legal products and services for the people.  In order to achieve such vision, we know we must value the voices of experts from other industries as well.             

These advisors are not part of SeedJura, PLLC.  We thank them for their time and input as without the input from the public, it is difficult to build a platform that is applicable to most people.  

Phyllis Lauren Shuster (Owner of SeedJura, PLLC)
Phyllis Lauren Shuster (Owner of SeedJura, PLLC)

After more than 40 years as an attorney representing large and medium sized businesses, wealthy individuals, and start-up companies, I’ve learned that very few individuals truly understand their legal rights or have effective access to legal services. For some, it often seems that the options for asserting their legal rights are too complicated to meet their needs, or are too expensive. As a result, there is a gap between what people can realistically obtain and afford, and the access to justice that they need to protect themselves, their assets and businesses, and their families. At SeedJura, I work with other dedicated professionals to close that gap and use current technology to deliver basic legal services at a greatly reduced cost.

On a personal level, I raised a wonderful, creative, thirty-something daughter and I am passionate about taking action that results in social change whenever I can. I help to enhance the lives of women and girls through my many years as a Mentor in the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship organization in South Florida. At Women of Tomorrow, we seek to empower, inspire and motivate high school girls. As a member of the Board of the Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches, I work with others committed to advance the status of women and girls through strategic grantmaking, advocacy and education, and leadership development programs to create long lasting social change.

At SeedJura, innovative legal products are also meant to be the seeds of change to allow many more people access to basic, affordable legal products to access their legal rights. With everything that happened in 2020 now, more than ever before, is the time for change. I am excited and honored to be able to work with talented and experienced professionals to build this platform. We hope to continue to grow and expand our legal products and platform to many states and areas.